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October II

Photography is juxtapositional.

Everything has two sides. This is the contrapositive of yesterday’s image in many ways. I think of it as the other side of October, which is probably my favorite time of year here. Maybe it has something to do with the juxtaposition.

If you hate this, click the right half to go back to yesterday’s. If you hated that, this might work better for you. If you hate both, at least be charitable.

As promised, this is another from the Sunday shooting. There might be something to be said for black and white digital (maybe), but I still wish I’d had a 35mm body and some T-Max 100. Oh well. The instant gratification and ease of post-processing make a compelling case, though something about it still feels cheap to me.

Pentax digital system, which has some really nice Limited primes. Really. In fact, I could use one or two. Are you listening, Pentax? Please?



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