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The set of Washington, D.C. images to which this belongs is actually among the first few rolls of true black and white I’ve shot (in fact, the second and third rolls, not including C-41 black and white films). I was very nervous to develop them and held off for more than a month for fear of damaging them, but it turned out that the results were less spectacular than I had hoped for. Apparently the work I’ve done since has taught me a lot, particularly about shooting in extreme sunlight at mid-day. Unfortunately, sometimes you can choose your times and places, and sometimes you can’t. D.C. is an extremely interesting and photogenic city, and I hope that I’ll get another chance soon (would snow be too much to ask for? Does it snow in D.C.?).

This is from the T-Max roll. There was only one narrow angle from the top of this building that wasn’t covered with dirty glass as I recall, and this was snuck through the gap. It actually came out much better than I expected, which makes up for all of the shots I don’t like from this day.

Kodak T-Max 400, Clayton F76+, a little toning for interest.

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A group with political ambitions that I would be hard pressed to disagree with more created a September 11 memorial display that, all politics aside, was extremely visually interesting. I would never post a political or otherwise controversial image for any other reason.

All deep political thought aside, this is the first fruit of my minimal grain minimal contrast experiment and the results are interesting. The images have less apparent grain (because 100TMX is one of the finest-grain films on the planet), but still didn’t scan very well. At least I’ve tried it. I think my next experiments will involve Plus-X 125.

100TMX, the usual suspects for developer and scanning.


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