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She Took a Long Cold Look

Somewhere in Iowa. Probably Hempstead, Iowa.

More rolls through film cameras, or more work with digital? I’m having trouble deciding. Well, maybe I’m not.




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Spider in the Snow

“It’s endless,

it’s mapless,

no compass,

no North Star.”

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Occasionally Glancing Up

Through the rain.

Three in a row from my last Holga roll. This was the first roll I shot without the 6×6 mask, so there’s some nice bleedover onto the edges of the film. Interesting to note that the exposures are so different. The sun was going down, so hypothetically they should get darker from left to right. Since the Holga shutter mechanism is a disc with a hole and a spring, it’s not really surprising that these are all over the place.

Holga, Fuji Pro 800Z.


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This was going to be posted on Valentine’s Day before I shot something I found more appropriate on a number of levels.

Pentax digital SLR, Polaroid-inspired processing.


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Psycho III


Photography is nonlinear.

This is not new. It came from the same area as this one, but on a different day and shot on color film. I felt like experimenting with black and white with toners last night, and so I processed this as a selenium print. I think it’s a little eerie. There’s another process of this same image as a deep red-orange. I like this one better because of the juxtaposition.- the orangey autumn tones have been replaced with a monochrome in icy blue. It plays with the mind, and I like it.

Test roll in my K1000, Fuji Superia X-tra 400, digital selenium process (sorry, no darkroom).


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This mural is in Philadelphia. It caught my eye in the low light, and as a result most of the shots have motion blur (this was in the borrowed N75, which has a very slow 28-90). Today I got four rolls’ worth of scanned negatives back from the drugstore (CVS again, but everyone here uses the same automated color-calibrated junk), and the three rolls of black and white are more unimpressive than ever. Contributing to the visual train wreck is the fact that one roll (the origin of Alone I) was pushed two stops and another was pushed one. The decrease in shadow detail drives the scanners crazy.

While the black and white rolls are extremely unimpressive, the color roll came out fairly well (most of the scans worked, although the pictures tend towards the uninteresting and poorly photographed). I normally don’t shoot film for color, but an expired roll at the local camera shop caught my eye.

Fuji NPS 160 expired 2007.

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Soar II

A second from the Bar Harbor area within a mile or so of Acadia. This is one of my favorites because there’s something about deep blues that I find very appealing, and industrial imagery dominating nature has always been a fascinating subject for me. This isn’t some Photoshop bluescale trick either- it’s all about light, timing and exposure.

Pentax digital.

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This is from most of the way up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. I was actually on my way back down at the time, but the view was too good to pass up. Acadia has to be one of my favorite places, despite being miserable to get around and far away from pretty much anything. Well worth it.

From the Pentax digital setup.

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Beer Window

(In contrast to Rear Window. And no, not the new one. The real one). Finally, something current! I picked this one up this very day. That’s right, picked up. It’s expired Fuji Portrait NPS 160, so I had to let someone else do the dirty work, and dirty is the right word because the negatives came back with all sorts of grime dried into the emulsion and the prints are a mess. I won’t name any names (CVS), but as usual I am not impressed. I do slightly like the desaturated and low-contrast look of the expired film, but it’s simply not worth doing when developing is $11 a roll and it’s, well, poor. Shooting digital color really does make sense, especially since I have virtually no control over the color film process and can only hope to make furtive changes to my scans once the damage is done.

This is the same building as this and this.

Fujicolor Portrait NPS 160 shot in the Nikon N75, poorly developed by CVS, and scanned from the print. Quality is obviously job #1 from start to finish with me.

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Ice Cream

Not my favorite image, but one I still find interesting. I am having a miserable time getting it saturated enoguh to look even close to how it appears on my full version or how it really looked. Something about the conversion and upload is desaturating everyting and I’m not sure why. It’s a problem I’ve had before viewing images in Firefox, and it’s probably related to conflicting colorspaces and my general ignorance about them. I just recently got comfortable with post processing- why not rest on my laurels for a little?

In other news, the Ricoh is out and shooting now that I’m more or less moved in to the new place, so maybe I’ll be able to stop recycling pictures sometime soon and post something really recent. Unfortunately, 36-exp film is not compatible with short attention span and film miserliness. Unfortunately, I think that’s the only way T-Max comes (in 35mm of course). Atl east once I develop it I’ll feel confident enough handling it to develop my recent DC trip pictures, which I have been terrified of ruining (one roll Tri-X, which I’m not worried about, and one roll of T-Max which is apparently weird). Maybe those will make it to here sooner or later.

Shot with my Pentax digital SLR setup some time early this summer. It’s in the EXIF, so I’m sure you can find the date if you’re curious. I’m not.

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