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This was going to be posted on Valentine’s Day before I shot something I found more appropriate on a number of levels.

Pentax digital SLR, Polaroid-inspired processing.


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Double Dinosaur


I wish this were a real Polaroid.

I’ve started to find Polaroid images fascinating recently. Unfortunately, this corresponded almost exactly with Polaroid’s ceasing of film production. It didn’t matter much, because with my keeper ration, there was no way Polaroids were going going to be cost effective at $20 for a pack of 10 ($2 per exposure- my black and white film cost me $1.25 per roll). I stumbled across a posting recently on another blog with some samples from a fake Polaroid process, and I got very interested. After spending probably forty minutes looking for good presets for Lightroom (my editing program of choice), I stumbled across Poladroid, which is a fun program even if it does have its shortcomings. The post that inspired me is here, and I’d be lying if I said it was the first time Kappii’s blog has given me an interesting idea. Highly recommended, especially for those looking for creative options with a film/scanner hybrid process. Oh, while I’m throwing out links, the only interesting Polaroid-inspired Lightroom presets I found are here (they’re modeled after 54 and 55, which were black and white films).

From a photographer’s standpoint, I am very conflicted about these images. I have nothing against post processing (some photographers carry a grudge against “Photoshopping,” ignorant of the fact that most of the common post-=processing methods are based on darkroom printing techniques), but this pushes it pretty far. Something about letting a program run the post rather than doing it myself makes it feel very forced. On the other hand, a photo is a photo, and the steps one uses to make it are just means to an end.

I did crop out the fake Polaroid border. For me, it was too much.

Pentax digital system (which I no longer own), Poladroid processing software.

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