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Photography is improvised

If my camera produces unacceptable noise at ISO 3200, I can convert it into grayscale. Noise (color aberration) becomes grain (tone aberration). Much of photography is like this, and working around technical limitations is a day-to-day exercise for many photographers.

Pentax digital.


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Photography does not conform to a schedule.

Sometimes you’re walking home, the light is perfect, and you see something you need to shoot. Sometimes this involves going back to your apartment, getting your camera and the pieces you want and need, dealing with batteries that are dying because you never charge them (about fifty percent of my shots ended with some sort of awful noise, a blank screen, a corrupt file, and a reset to ISO 200 f/8), and going back to the scene of your vision. Sometimes it isn’t worth it, but sometimes it is.

Pentax digital, which now has freshly-charged batteries.

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