Contest (Win Fabulous Prizes!)

In an idea shamelessly lifted from the talented Cindy Dyer (whose storytelling contest you should enter right after you finish mine), I am creating a contest of sorts of my own. In fact, it’s less a “contest” than it is an opportunity to win some free stuff (and help me out). So here’s the game:

Pick your favorite black and white photograph on this site (to get just black and whites, either click “black and white” in the tag could on the right or follow this link, which takes you to the same place). Submit it either as a comment on this post or in an email (contact info here) along with your reasoning for choosing it. There is no need for high theoretical explanations (though they are welcome). Your justification can be as simple as “I like the way it looks because ________.” You are also welcome to choose your top three, five, or however many move you. The more you submit, the more chances you have to win, because the winning criteria (and prizes) are as follows:

One lucky submission will be chosen at random. Because a submission will be chosen, multiple submissions mean multiple chances to win. What will you win? An insidiously simple little prize: A print of any photo of mine you like, shipped directly to you (as long as shipping is fairly reasonable to your location). I might even frame it for you. In fact, if you participate and really want a print of something, I’ll probably just send it to you.

I will be thrilled  if there are enough responses to actually pick randomly (that is, n<1). If I get one response, it will be about what I expected. If no one participates, I will be sad.


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2 responses to “Contest (Win Fabulous Prizes!)

  1. Duuude! wazzup? How are you?
    I think I came by at the right time 🙂 I thought you left us for good! Where have you been?
    I do have some favorites in your collection. But some are not really B&W!
    Let me go through your collection once again and I’ll let you know my favorites.

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